Friday, October 8, 2010


Marianne Dages is the owner of Huldra Press, a bookbinding and letterpress studio.

Although her aesthetic was similar to mine, and although I loved seeing her work, the most interesting thing that she talked about, in my opinion, was residencies. Her lecture was about how to start your own studio. She talked about partners and community studios, but really the residencies were, by far, the most interesting topic. She told us about a two-year residency she did where all there was to do was to work on art. All day. Every day. Maybe it's because I'm a full-time art student with a full-time life on top of that, but that idea resonated with me so strongly.

I have so much art to do , but life just will not leave me be and let me do it. I have so much to accomplish, both for school and for myself, but I don't have the space to do it. A week later I'm still tingling with the idea of being able to isolate myself in a studio for two years and just create.

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