Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One of my favorite aspects of the Bauhaus movement, which Professor Glahn emphasized strongly, was the collaboration between students and teachers. In the Bauhaus school, students were not apprenticed to their teachers. They were not simply following their teachers' directions and connecting the dots and coloring in the lines for them. They were taking an active role in the conception and creation of the art, alongside their teachers.

It deviates completely from the old master-apprentice. In my opinion, it is a much more effective way of teaching art. I believe that it is easiest to learn art by discussing and actively doing, rather than by submitting and following. How can one learn to be creative if they are not given the change to exercise their brain?

The other aspect of Bauhaus art that fascinated me was the fact that the way a piece functioned was important. In Bauhaus art, it is imperative that the viewer - any random passerby on the street - can see how it works. (Bauhaus art was largely functional - buildings, windows, interiors, etc.)

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