Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Our first assignment for this class was to walk/ride/bike and take pictures and gather things while adventuring. Either as a result of poor time-management on my part, or just as a result of my rampantly hectic class schedule, I didn't have time to take 25-30 new pictures of new I improvised!

I gathered about 10 pictures from my own home over the weekend, could not make it to Center City (or anywhere interesting, for that matter) before our next Wednesday class. I was worried that my photos would all be dull and cliche snapshots of my cats in my back yard. I was frustrated, because I have been on some amazing adventures in my lifetime! In fact, it is probable that I've been to many more interesting places than most Americans my age.

Then I realized that nowhere in the assignment does it say, specifically, that the 25-30 snapshots had to be from the week between our first two classes. (I feel as though that were the implicit assignment, but, well, there's no textual evidence!) So, this first batch of photos, objects and drawings is a composite snapshot of my past adventures.

This gathering-of-past-adventures was actually very helpful to me. It's a mix of both my most domestic, everyday adventures (noticing the lights and textures around my own home deep in the bowels of suburbia) and my most extreme, distant adventures (in Budapest, Vienna, Moscow, Yaroslavl and St. Petersburg.) Gathering these things have shown me that, although my life at this moment is nothing more than frantically throwing art together for classes and studying for quizzes, as a whole it is full and beautiful, and NOT A BIT TAMED!

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