Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jessica Hische

I'm not sure what else to say about Jessica other than I WANT HER JOB. Really, I think she has the perfect life for an artist. She does exciting projects for exciting clients for a lot of money. And, really, she got where she is on sheer talent and by being a nice person.

I love that she highlighted the "being a nice person" bit, because I think that one's personality IS an extremely important variable in whether or not they'll get hired, and I feel like that isn't highlighted enough in life in general. It IS absolutely true that being a nice person can make a huge difference. Now, I'm not sure that I 100% agree with what Hische said about how a mediocre artist who is extremely nice will get hired just as often or more often than an extremely talented artist with a bad attitude, but I think she WAS onto something. People don't want to work with you if you're a temperamental bitch! It's easier on everyone if you're just civil!

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